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The World Green Building Council‘s (WorldGBC) Circularity Accelerator program is focused on promoting sustainable resource management and the restoration of natural systems in the construction industry, all within the framework of a flourishing circular economy. This initiative emphasizes the importance of reducing resource depletion throughout the entire lifecycle of buildings to achieve net zero emissions.

WorldGBC released the Circular Built Environment Playbook report. This document highlights leading practices and strategies based on circular principles, urging the building and construction industry to fast-track the adoption of circular and regenerative methods. The publication aims to raise awareness and make circular economy solutions more accessible for those in the built environment sector. The primary objective of the WorldGBC network through this effort is to steer all parties involved in the industry towards sustainable and circular choices in decision-making. The overarching ambition of this initiative is to create a built environment that not only supports the regeneration of resources and natural systems but also delivers socio-economic benefits through a circular economy approach.

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