We assist companies, developers, and real estate investors throughout the entire real estate investment process, from identifying opportunities, evaluating (market, financials, and assets), structuring, monitoring, and possible divestment, or sale.

Opportunity search

We assist by providing updated information on market trends and identifying specific investment opportunities for assets, companies, or startups/PropTech through our acquisition channels.

Market analysis

We help our clients to dimension and characterize markets as well as evaluate investment opportunities from both the demand and supply perspectives.

With the aim of increasing the level of comfort in the decision-making process about their investments and eventually generating a differentiated value proposition.

Financial analysis

We create or review business assumptions (investment, sales, prices, costs, financing, timelines) and project the evolution of the business over the years.

To understand the profitability of the business, and have a roadmap with clear KPIs, as well as a potential tool for raising capital or debt.

Due diligence

We identify, select, and coordinate the most suitable service providers in each category (e.g. legal, urban planning, technical, tax) through a competitive process using a professional selection methodology.

We incorporate sustainability, ESG, and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) criteria when necessary.


Identification of optimal capital structure, as well as potential sources of financing both for debt and equity, incorporating when convenient technological platforms to streamline the process and obtain the best conditions.

Deal structuring

We assist in the purchase/investment agreement which, in addition to the price, must consider the type of acquisition (asset or company), various payment mechanisms (cash, shares, seller financing, earn-outs), and clauses for covenants, representations, warranties, indemnifications, suspensive conditions, and closing mechanisms.

Owner representative

Once the investment is made, we can stay on as representative of the owners for investment management, either through our participation or supervision of the governing bodies of the investment company, overseeing the local management team, or directly managing the investment.


We help owners maximize the value of selling an asset or company by preparing a strong investment thesis for the buyer reflected in a sales document, identifying potential buyers, marketing the investment opportunity, and assisting in sales negotiations.



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