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The report “Agrihoods: Cultivating Best Practices” by the Urban Land Institute explores the emerging trend of agrihoods, which are residential or mixed-use communities centered around working farms or community gardens. This document provides a comprehensive guide to planning, developing, and operating agrihoods, offering best practices based on interviews with practitioners and insights from an agrihood-focused retreat.

Agrihoods are shown to provide numerous benefits, including enhanced real estate performance, increased social interaction, and improved health outcomes. They appeal to the growing consumer demand for fresh, locally produced food and present a competitive edge for developers by being less expensive to build and operate compared to traditional amenities like golf courses.

The report outlines the essential elements of successful agrihoods, such as land preservation, maximizing food production, innovative financial models, and engaging community programming. It emphasizes the importance of forming partnerships with various stakeholders, including landowners, farmers, nonprofit organizations, and public agencies, to address health, sustainability, and social equity challenges.

By following these best practices, developers can create vibrant, sustainable communities that promote health, economic growth, and environmental stewardship. The Urban Land Institute aims to support the expansion of agrihoods by providing this valuable resource to real estate professionals and community planners.

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