Eye on the Market | Outlook 2024 | Pillow Talk | JP Morgan

#ESG, #Netzero, #Office, #Residential, #Talent, #Trends

JP Morgan's 2024 Outlook: Softening US inflation, market caution, global economic shifts, and surprising twists create challenges and opportunities for investors.

Real Estate at a Turning Point | Davos | World Economic Forum

#ESG, #Infrastructure, #Technology

Discussion among real estate experts on the impact of the pandemic, reuse of obsolete buildings, affordable and sustainable housing, financing, and balancing green and low income.

A Framework for the Future of Real Estate | World Economic Forum

#ESG, #Learning, #Technology

Blueprint for the future of real estate: technology, sustainability, affordable housing, collaboration, training and appropriate regulatory frameworks.

Emerging Trends in Real Estate Europe 2024 | ULI

#Innovation, #Realestate, #Trends

European real estate faces challenges like inflation, interest rates, and ESG concerns. Despite uncertainties, opportunities exist for bold decisions and adaptation.

Green Building Principles – The Action Plan for Net-Zero Carbon Buildings | World Economic Forum

#Climatechange, #ESG, #Netzero

Emphasis on measuring carbon footprint, setting targets to achieve a net-zero carbon goal and in collaboration with different stakeholders.

Climate Risk in the Real Estate Sector | United Nations

#Climatechange, #Netzero, #Sustainability

Climate change intensifies challenges in real estate amid geopolitical tension, supply chain disruption, energy crisis, and inflation, requiring strategic resilience.

Mapping the ESG in Real Estate | Urban Land Institute

#ESG, #Innovation, #Sustainability

ESG Report Highlighting Standards, Certifications, Global Reach, Evolution, Challenges, and Best Practices Examples in Sustainability

Circular Built Environment Playbook | World Green Building Council

#ESG, #Innovation, #Netzero, #Sustainability

WorldGBC's Playbook promotes circular strategies for sustainable construction, aiming for net-zero emissions, supporting regeneration, and delivering socio-economic benefits.

Home of the Future – Building for Net Zero | CitiGPS

#Netzero, #Residential, #Technology

Home of the Future: technology and sustainability for green, smart, affordable and net-zero homes.

When incumbents breed unicorns: Building new businesses as the next wave of growth | WEF

#Growth, #Innovation, #Sustainability, #Trends

Traditional businesses prioritize building new independent enterprises, but only 20% succeed. Success factors: supportive CEOs, autonomy, customer insights, strategic acquisitions.

Travel Predictions 2024 | Booking

#Hospitality, #Innovation, #Tourism, #Travel, #Trends

Travel Predictions 2024: Embrace alter egos, cool-cation escapes, surrender to spontaneity, delve into culinary traditions, seek wellness retreats, budget luxury, and prioritize sustainable aesthetics.

Hospitality Trends Report 2024 | af&co. + Carbonate, Inc.

#Hospitality, #Innovation, #Realestate, #Trends

The 2024 Hospitality Trends Report, in its 16th edition, embraces a maximalist "More is More" philosophy, exploring fantasy realms, prioritizing community, and integrating artificial intelligence for an unforgettable year.

Nature-based Infrastructure | United Nations Environment Programme

#Climatechange, #ESG, #Sustainability, #Trends

Nature-based Solutions (NbI) enhance functionality and sustainability across sectors, from buildings and health to education and energy, fostering a resilient and interconnected world.

Why Vertical Farms Are Moving Beyond Leafy Greens | CNBS

#Innovation, #Realestate, #Sustainability, #Vertical Farms

Explore the revolution of vertical farming, cultivating layer by layer indoors. Beyond food production, it transforms urban warehouses into thriving, sustainable agricultural centers, providing access to healthy foods and a significant real estate opportunity.

Airport For Drones And Flying Taxis To Open In UK | World Economic Forum

#Alternativeassets, #Futuremobility, #Infraestructure, #Technology

Capitalizing on VTOL Technology: Unlocking Real Estate Potential in Urban Connectivity and Sustainability

Latin America: A land of opportunity for global business growth and investment

#Economy, #Investments, #Market Entry, #Tourism

In the global business framework, Latin America shines as a promising hub for investment and growth. With a vast population and a flourishing middle class, the region presents abundant opportunities for businesses seeking to explore new markets.

Decoding Spain’s investment appeal: a gateway to european growth and innovation

#Economy, #Investments, #Market Entry, #Tourism

In an ever-changing global business landscape, investors are in search of secure havens that offer stability, growth, and attractive returns. Spain emerges as a shining beacon of opportunity, boasting a vast consumer market, strategic geographical positioning, and a dynamic workforce.

Investing in emerging markets: unveiling opportunities in infrastructure, housing, and tourism

#Economy, #Investments, #Market Entry, #Tourism

Emerging markets show promising developments in infrastructure, housing, and tourism, creating an attractive investment landscape.

Guide to State incentives and aid in Spain | Gobierno de España, ICEX 

#Innovation, #Trends

The 'Guide to State Incentives and Aid in Spain' offers organized information on incentives, including purpose, modality, sector focus, and eligibility criteria.

A Decade of Elevating Uninterrupted Growth in Foreign Direct Investment in Spain | 2013-2023 | Future Outlook

#Investments, #Trends

The "Multinationals with Spain" association has driven Spain's global standing, fostering innovation, forming partnerships, and attracting investment, influencing societal competitiveness.

Investment Trends and Records in Spain | ICEX

#Investments, #spain, #Trends

ICEX Spain Trade and Investment presents updated data on the Spanish economy, including foreign investment, key economic factors, and business opportunities.

GP Bullhound Technology Predictions 2024

#Artificial Inteligence, #Innovation, #Technology, #Trends

Embark on the era where artificial intelligence progresses with more powerful models, and unstructured data proves to be an invaluable resource. From the growing space activity driven by private companies to advancements in the fight against financial crime, this narrative of innovation invites you to explore a future in constant transformation.

Artificial Intelligence in Real Estate

#Technology, #Trends

How is AI revolutionizing real estate with applications like property search, valuation, content generation, virtual tours, building automation, contract management, and risk assessment, driving efficiency, personalization, and innovation in the industry.

The Future of Jobs Report | World Economic Forum

#Learning, #Talent, #Technology, #Trends

In the global labor market technology adoption remains a key driver of business transformation, while environmental, technology, and economic trends impact job creation. Upskilling, diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives are crucial for bridging talent gaps and promoting inclusive growth.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Lighthouses 2024 | World Economic Forum

#ESG, #Talent

The WEF's 2024 DEI Lighthouses Report highlights impactful initiatives, emphasizing the dual significance of diversity, equity, and inclusion, advocating for leadership-driven systemic approaches.

The Learning Relay | World Economic Forum

#Innovation, #Learning, #Trends

Urgent lifelong learning, collaboration for continuous skill development, integrating education levels, addressing AI skills gap, and addressing immediate challenges.

Global Gender Gap Report | World Economic Forum

#ESG, #Learning, #Talent

Nowadays, there is an existing urgent need for accelerated efforts in economic participation, leadership representation and access to education. Achieving inclusive and sustainable development requires addressing these gaps effectively.

Skills for Growth: Creating a future ready workforce | World Economic Forum

#Future, #Skills, #Trends

Workforce skills drive economic growth, but global challenges like shortages persist. Singapore's model and the EU's funding aim to address issues, emphasizing trust in reskilling.

Reskilling Revolution: Preparing 1 billion people for tomorrow’s economy | World Economic Forum

#Learning, #Talent, #Trends

The World Economic Forum leads the Reskilling Revolution to reduce the skills gap in a world impacted by the technological advances. The initiative seeks to invest in education, skills and economic opportunities for an equitable and sustainable future workforce.

Sustainable and Affordable Housing Report | WorldGBC

#Netzero, #Residential, #Trends, #Well-being

Building a Livable Future: Sustainable Homes for an Impending Global Crisis

Benefits of Urban Trees

#Climatechange, #ESG, #Well-being

Urban trees and their importance in mitigating climate change, improving health and fostering sustainable and inclusive cities.

What is the future of the office? | The Economist

#Office, #Talent, #Trends

Transformation of the offices by the pandemic and teleworking, creating design changes, emphasizing labor flexibility and management and equity challenges.

Eye on the Market | Outlook 2024 | Pillow Talk | JP Morgan

#ESG, #Netzero, #Office, #Residential, #Talent, #Trends

JP Morgan's 2024 Outlook: Softening US inflation, market caution, global economic shifts, and surprising twists create challenges and opportunities for investors.

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