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The 2024 Hospitality Trends Report marks its 16th edition. This report represents a shift in approach, akin to the exploratory and questioning nature of a 16-year-old. It moves away from relying on past successes and instead seeks to forge a new path.

The report embodies a maximalist philosophy, departing from traditional norms and embracing a “More is More” attitude. It ventures into realms of fantasy, pushing the boundaries of convention. Central to this approach is a focus on community – a blend of friends, fans, celebrities, and influencers, all engaging in novel collaborations. There’s an emphasis on consuming content voraciously and ensuring real-life experiences are equally exhilarating.

As artificial intelligence becomes more integral, it offers new opportunities and perspectives. The report signifies the end of 2023 and ushers in 2024 with optimism and a desire to make it an unforgettable year.

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