Market Entry

We help companies to establish themselves in new geographies, whether they are international companies looking to enter Spain or Spanish companies looking to internationalize. We provide our clients with additional resources so they can make the best decisions and streamline the process to successfully develop their business in a new market.

Market analysis

We help our clients understand the new market they want to enter, assess the demand and its characteristics, as well as provide market intelligence on competitors, all within an evaluation of the economic, political, and regulatory risks.

Business plan

We provide assistance and support in creating a business plan that details the objectives, business model, strategies, and business assumptions (investments, prices, revenues, costs), and the financial projections. With the goal of having a clear roadmap with KPIs and understanding the profitability of the business.


We help find the best place (or places) for the implementation and development of a business. These services include analysis of access to customers, suppliers, and talent, rental/purchase costs, area attributes, and infrastructure, existing incentives, as well as support in identifying and selecting the most appropriate properties.

Entry strategy

We design the strategic lines of different marketing and sales actions needed to create and communicate a competitive value proposition, including pricing, communication strategy, and prioritization of distribution channels. Additionally, we develop potential alliances with local partners.

Team development

We provide support in the strategic design of the HR operational model, as well as in the selection and training of the team, including mentoring and coaching. We proactively manage challenges related to cross-cultural interaction in the dimensions of communication, performance management, impact, decision-making, and planning.

Selection of professional services

Identification, selection, and negotiation with the most appropriate service providers in each of the relevant categories, including providers of technological solutions, financial entities, lawyers, operators, or advertising agencies. Once selected, we provide support in establishing the best agreements and alliances.

Community link development

We support newly established companies in generating positive links with their new community. Examples of organizations that may be of interest include professional associations, business organizations, universities, public agencies, social clubs, among others.

Project Management

We help coordinate projects from start to finish, supervising activities such as budgeting resources, task assignment, progress tracking, ensuring compliance with deadlines, making adjustments when necessary, evaluating results, etc., in order to streamline implementation and ensure success.



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Guide to State incentives and aid in Spain | Gobierno de España, ICEX 

The 'Guide to State Incentives and Aid in Spain' offers organized information on incentives, including purpose, modality, sector focus, and eligibility criteria.

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The "Multinationals with Spain" association has driven Spain's global standing, fostering innovation, forming partnerships, and attracting investment, influencing societal competitiveness.

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ICEX Spain Trade and Investment presents updated data on the Spanish economy, including foreign investment, key economic factors, and business opportunities.

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