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ICEX Spain Trade and Investment presentation updated with statistical data and other relevant information on the Spanish economy and on conditions for investment in Spain. It includes data on Foreign Investment in Spain from sources such as the Investment Register, from FDI Markets and UNCTAD. (September 2023).

Position of the Spanish economy in terms of key factors for foreign investment: macroeconomic scenario, employment and productivity trends; economic growth forecasts; export history; data on foreign direct investment: by country, sector, relevant operations and main multinational groups present in Spain; business climate indexes, ways to get access to Latin American and North African markets; international comparison of taxes and tax incentives; main subsidies; description of human capital; evaluation of infrastructures and quality of life.

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Guide to State incentives and aid in Spain | Gobierno de España, ICEX 

The ‘Guide to State Incentives and Aid in Spain’ offers organized information on incentives, including purpose, modality, sector focus, and eligibility criteria.

A Framework for the Future of Real Estate | World Economic Forum

Blueprint for the future of real estate: technology, sustainability, affordable housing, collaboration, training and appropriate regulatory frameworks.

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Transformation of the offices by the pandemic and teleworking, creating design changes, emphasizing labor flexibility and management and equity challenges.

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