Business Building

Our company specializes in developing new businesses for established corporations, corporate ventures, and startups. We act as catalysts for innovation, helping businesses design a unique and compelling value proposition and equipping them with the capabilities to operate autonomously. Our goal is to maximize their chances of success in both real asset businesses and technology-based ventures, including the PropTech industry. With our expertise, we can help new businesses thrive and reach their full potential.

Research & Trends

Our team has extensive and in-depth knowledge of the industry we work in, allowing us to efficiently prepare reports based on a multitude of information sources. Our reports help clients understand how market trends can generate new business opportunities, whether through demographic shifts, lifestyle changes, advancements in technology and digitalization, sustainability initiatives, or new business models.

Market Analysis

Our market analysis services help clients size and characterize the markets they intend to enter from both the demand and supply perspectives. We generate ideas, identify opportunities, and develop unique value propositions that create a competitive advantage. By thoroughly understanding the market, we help our clients make informed decisions on how to best allocate resources to growth their business

Business Plan

Our team provides expert assistance and support in creating a comprehensive business plan that details the objectives, business model, strategies, business assumptions (including prices, revenues, and costs), and financial projections of the business. Our goal is to help clients understand the feasibility and profitability of their business idea, while also providing a roadmap with clear KPIs to measure progress along the way.

Product/Service Development

Development of the concept and validation of the value proposition with the market, support for design and prototypes up to a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), testing to ensure that it meets the needs and expectations of customers through focus groups, interviews, and surveys, and adjustment of the product/service. Agile (collaboration, feedback, rapid adaptation) and lean (elimination of waste and reduction of time) methodologies can be used.

Marketing Strategy

We design strategic marketing plans to create a unique value proposition and communicate it effectively, utilizing the latest technology and tools available in the market. Our team works with clients to identify the most effective marketing channels and campaigns to reach target audiences and achieve business objectives.


We help clients identify the optimal capital structure and access possible sources of financing, including both debt and equity. Our team leverages technological platforms and alternative financing options to streamline the search for funding and obtain the best possible terms.

Team Development

We provide support in the strategic design of the HR operational model, as well as in the selection and training of the team, including mentoring, coaching, and networking, strengthening a company’s professional network and providing support in identifying key contacts.

Selection of Professional Services

Identification, selection, and negotiation with the most appropriate service providers in each relevant category including technology solution providers, operators, or advertising agencies. Once selected, we provide support in establishing the best agreements or alliances.



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