Why Vertical Farms Are Moving Beyond Leafy Greens | CNBS

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Cultivating the Future

Vertical farming, a revolutionary agricultural method where crops are cultivated in stacked layers indoors, is rapidly gaining acceptance. This efficient use of space benefits not only year-round leafy greens production, demonstrated by industry leaders like Bowery Farming, but also crop diversification, with recent expansions into strawberry cultivation. This innovative approach promises better access to healthy foods, particularly in underserved communities, and is less affected by natural elements such as weather and pests, thanks to LED lighting.

Real Estate Agricultural Transformation

The real estate opportunity here is significant. Vertical farms can transform underutilized urban spaces, such as warehouses, into productive agricultural hubs. This addresses not only food security in densely populated areas but also provides a sustainable, environmentally friendly alternative to traditional farming, requiring less energy, water, and no heavy machinery or harmful chemicals. As a result, vertical farming presents a lucrative opportunity for real estate development, turning urban spaces into valuable food production centers.

Check the 4min video here: http://bit.ly/48XDZcj


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