Guide to State incentives and aid in Spain | Gobierno de España, ICEX 

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The documentation is carefully organized to present a unified classification based on common data fields, making it easy to locate and understand information. It’s important to note that while this format enhances accessibility, it may not provide exhaustive details for each incentive.  

The guide includes multiple-entry tables to facilitate the identification of incentives based on their purpose, financial modality, economic sector, company size, volume of aid, key conditions, and call availability. The purpose categories encompass areas such as material investment, Research, Development, and Innovation (R&D&I) projects, working capital, and human resources/training improvements. 

Financial modalities include non-refundable subsidies, loans, guarantees, tax deductions, and others. Economic sector information helps identify incentives targeting specific industries, while the size of the company is classified into micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises. The guide also provides details on the minimum and maximum volumes of aid for each incentive. 

For those interested in understanding the eligibility criteria, key issues provide additional information, such as minimum turnover requirements or establishment dates. The ‘Call’ section indicates the availability of each aid, with some incentives open throughout the year and others subject to specific application periods. 

This comprehensive ‘Guide to State Incentives and Aid in Spain’ aims to empower businesses and investors with valuable information to navigate the complex landscape of financial support. Access the January 2024 edition for a detailed exploration of opportunities.  

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