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The Senior Housing and Healthcare Real Estate market is rapidly evolving, influenced by an ageing population across Europe and changing investment landscapes. As outlined in the latest SHHA report, we see a vibrant mix of challenges and opportunities:

Ageing Population: The demand for care homes is set to soar as the number of individuals over 65 continues to increase in every European country.

Investment Opportunities: The market for senior living and healthcare facilities is becoming a mainstream asset class, showing strong ESG performance and attracting significant cross-border capital, especially from institutional investors.

Innovation and Best Practices: From integrating cutting-edge technology to enhancing community integration, the sector is actively reinventing how senior care is delivered, emphasizing sustainability and improved living standards.

Regulatory Landscape: Navigating a patchwork of regulations across different countries remains a challenge, highlighting the need for adaptable investment strategies and operational models.

The insights from the SHHA summit emphasize a collaborative approach to enhancing the senior living experience, focusing on operational excellence and sustainable investment. Let’s keep pushing the boundaries to meet the growing needs effectively.

Check the full report below:


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