Service firm in real estate, hospitality, tourism, infrastructure, and PropTech focused on sustainable and inclusive growth


We assist companies, developers, and real estate investors at every step of the investment process, from identifying opportunities, formulating investment theses, evaluating, structuring, monitoring, to possible divestment or sale.


We support our clients with consulting services, designing strategies, developing partnerships, reimagining buildings and assets, improving portfolio management and improving ESG criteria, transitioning to net zero emissions, managing climate risk, seizing the opportunity of future mobility, and enhancing the customer experience.

Business Building

We assist in the development of new businesses, both in established companies and startups. We provide support to ensure that the new business has an innovative value proposition, with the necessary capabilities to operate autonomously, thereby maximizing the chances of success, whether in real asset-based businesses or technology-based ones.

Market Entry

We accompany companies in entering new geographical markets, both for international companies looking to enter Spain and for Spanish companies looking to internationalize.


We support companies in the industry to accelerate their digitalization process, adopting the most suitable technologies and applications, investors to identify and evaluate startups, and the latter to grow.


We collaborate to identify the most suitable talent, whether for permanent positions or project-based, advisory, or interim roles.


We offer tailor-made training to organizations on topics such as market trends and studies, financial analysis, development, operations, sustainability, and technology.


Real Estate at a Turning Point | Davos | World Economic Forum

Discussion among real estate experts on the impact of the pandemic, reuse of obsolete buildings, affordable and sustainable housing, financing, and balancing green and low income.

Artificial Intelligence in Real Estate

How is AI revolutionizing real estate with applications like property search, valuation, content generation, virtual tours, building automation, contract management, and risk assessment, driving efficiency, personalization, and innovation in the industry.

Benefits of Urban Trees

Urban trees and their importance in mitigating climate change, improving health and fostering sustainable and inclusive cities.

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